Friday, June 3, 2011


0leh: Sopyan Hardyansyah
Prodi Bahasa Indonesia and Regional Literature
Semester Two
Nim: B1C100084

Work: Kahlil Gibran

I was sprinkling silver threads scattered from heaven by the gods.
Universe then meraupku for watering the fields and valley.
This I learned from a sprinkling of pearl king's crowns Ishtar, by the dawn to decorate the gardens of virtual
Sovereign, when I explained the tears, the hills laugh
Sovereign, when I was a low blow, happy flowers, and when I looked down, everything is bright cheerful.
Fields and clouds berkasih mega-affection, among them I was carrying the mandate of the faithful, the one my escape from hunger, others from injury kuobati
The sound of thunder coming mengkhabarkan
Rainbow in the sky brought my absence, for the worldly life, myself, to earnestly on foot.
Forces of nature, and ends under the wings of death.

Kahlil Gibran was a poet wing literary romanticism, - that prioritizes feeling, climb into the sky kealam imaginary, beautiful paintings take readers Kea in dreams. What he describes is possible, but all portrayed with the readers a sense of compassion priority. When someone is in a state of joy, the atmosphere surrounding atmosphere must also show that completely happy, alive, radiant. And vice versa. His words were selected by comparisons.
The language used in his poetry, considered excessive for a poem, which usually is short, dense, and clear. This language is similar to the language of prose. The length of the language used to represent the delivery of information and messages as a representative of an idea and ideas can only obscure the real meaning he wanted to convey, - this is because the language is different connotative denotative language. But even so, this still can be resolved if we analyze from the point of history or background of the poet. It could be argued that because a poet when he works will not be apart from the ideological, philosophical, historical poet, realigi factors and social customs and cultural surroundings.
In his poem entitled "Song of Rain", he seemed a hedonism (divinize wealth of the world and draw a line between worldliness with keakhiratan). Note the quote-array array poem!:
/ I am the spark of the threads of silver / ... / I'm a sprinkling of pearls / ... / to adorn the gardens of the virtual on / /.
... / To the worldly life, myself, to earnestly on foot.
Forces of nature, and ends under the wings of death / /.
The use of symbols: silver thread, a sprinkling of pearls, jewelry Mayapada (world) is a form of worship of worldly material. He will continue to adore all of it until / terminated under the wings of death / / (until the end of his life).
For people who berpahamkan hedonism, wealth is everything, - Since believed to make people happy by the adequacy of the material, so that compliance will kebutuhanpun will be met. The material is from God for all the rizki mahluknya. Part of it may be sustaining the survival of creatures-mahluknya. Call Lord thy compassionate, Most Merciful. However, although the materials are needed to meet the needs of the wild world, Nor till he deserves to dituhankan.
/ ... Splash of silver threads are scattered from heaven by the gods / ... for watering the fields and valley. (As a source or element of life).
... / To the worldly life, myself, to earnestly on foot.
Forces of nature, and ends under the wings of death / /.
Lirikaku (matter) is something that stands alone 'independent' because it got from hard work and natural resources that support. "In this case who is the creator not taken into account." Until later this worldliness is disconnected by the time / ... terminated under the wings of death / /.
Through array-lariknya explicitly this poem, reminding us of the power and greatness of God with all his love for life. Therefore we should be very clever to give thanks to Allah SWT.

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